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Mission and Constitution of


The Spiritual Grounds for Our Relationship

A. Introduction

I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES.ORG is a fellowship of ministries of the gospel across the globe that share a common passion for holiness, yielding to the Holy Spirit for leadership and empowerment, and a recognition that fellowship with like minded co-laborers is central to gaining divine approval. It is thus a living, loving ministry’s of like- minded ministries of the gospel who share Passion for intimacy, growth with the Lord and a genuine relationship toward one another for Accountability in an increasing hostile world. Purposed toward Kingdom Building.

B. Background

Originally known as I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER MINISTRY, THE MINISTRIES WAS FOUNDED BY Apostle Cynthia Anderson-Agbuye of Church On The Rock in Indianapolis, IN. From a handful of ministers, the Ministries being divinely multiplied to enfold ministers in 12 countries as of 2012. The congregations across Africa, India, Pakistan, India are undergoing a global transition as the Lord continues to use Apostle Cynthia Agbuye to open and to expand the ministries in various nations across the world including the USA.

C. Vision


First, It is inclusive, embracing senior and younger ministers of the gospel, male and female, who have a felt need to encourage one another to make the pursuit of holiness as a way of life.

Second, it breaks down the standard walls that divide the Body of Christ as members cut across denominational barriers, united by faith in Christ Jesus, purity of life, and dependency on the Holy Spirit for empowerment.

Third, IAMBKIM does not charge any affiliation fees, Members support the Ministries, as they are led, through love offerings and free will endowments, IAMBKIM.ORG carry many of the affiliations burdens financially. For the Lord has given us a mandate.

Fourth, members are free to belong to other fellowships/fellowships they deem beneficial to achievement of their ministerial mandates.

Fifth, The Ministries shall encourage its members to make their lives and those of the flock of Jesus Christ committed unto trust, the light and salt of their communities; to standout for righteousness and contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints and to not be ashamed of the preaching of the Cross though it seem foolish to brethren of the Laodicean complex (Matthew 5:13-16, Jude 5, 1 Cor. 1:18).

Sixth, the Ministries will encourage all Christian ministries and organizations in the country to prayerfully define essentials or fundamentals of the faith to which all must subscribe in perfect unity; ascertain those issues to which preachers are at liberty to propound their perspectives, insights, and revelations received. Jesus Christ shall be a reality without compromising the essentials of the gospel. (Ephesians 4:1-7, John 17 to attain Ephesians 5:26,27).

Seventh, We are all blessed as we bless each other in love and sincerity! We are able to exchange information on programs and projects and support each other.

D. Foundation

I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES.ORG concentrates on the following foundation:

1. Provide spiritual support that enables members to excel in life and ministry by challenging them to live holy lives, as part of the Bride of Christ and keep heaven in constant view so that they will not be castaways after ministering to others.

2. Provide members a process of continuing ministerial education through teachings where they tap into the depth of wisdom available for all.

3. Provide resources to members at minimal or no cost such as books, CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, magazines, information, etc. And since we are ministries of Missions financial aide whenever possible is not inclusive to the members.

To contact us for further information you may

Write, email, visit our website to submit inquires.

We thank God for you!